Our Method

  • Phase 1 - Diagnostics
    • Study as is Scenario --> Strengths and Weaknesses.
    • Market and Environment Scanning to Identify --> Opportunities and Threats

    Business Planning Phase

    • Identify Strategic Options
    • Collaborative Option Selection with client
    • Creation of Business Strategy
    • Long Term Business Plan (2-3 Years)
    • Short Term (1 Year)
    • Immediate Action Plan (3-6 months)

    We seek to understand the existing business environment and processes as part of holistic Diagnostics

    • The current market environment and how your current business is positioned.
    • What is your current strategy and how you are leveraging your strengths and your opportunities for improvement?
    • New Markets
    • Organizational Profile
    • Sales
    • Marketing Support
    • Organizational Structure
    • Infrastructure
    • Processes
    • Understanding- who works for your Organization- You or System
      The biggest myth of today’s entrepreneur is that his physical presence is absolutely compulsory to run business. Feeling that will not survive without his presence is the barrier to growth. Ultimately A business owner ends up being the highest paid employee of the organization. But if we are able to develop business systems in our organizations then systems will run the business and we are free to focus on more opportunities of growth. Systems driven organizations are better than person driven organizations systems. ONE of The fundamental keys in achieving business excellence is by building s system.

    The Output stages will be :

    • Goals- The Big Picture Thinking, Blue Sky
    • Objectives- The Practical Steps Needed to Achieve The Goals
    • Corporate Culture- Determining Corporate Competency in New Markets
    • Creating A Sales Strategy- Big picture, Route To Market
    • Critical Indexes:
      • Most important things we hope to accomplish regarding revenues
      • What are the most significant revenue opportunities?
      • What are the most significant roadblocks to success?
      • Key ways we and your team will have to evolve over the business in new markets to position your business to grow with increase in client base.
    • Wake up Call- To Help leadership
      • Realize that your business can run without physical presence.
      • Learn the ways to ensure that your business will still continue to run smoothly and effectively if you are not there to look after it.
      • Help you to understand how you can establish business systems and get benefit out of it.
  • Phase 2 - Initiate

    In this stage, we work hand in hand with company management to implement the Business Plan evolved in the previous phase. This may include -

    Goals: Relevant, Precise, Accurate & Time Bound

    • Short Term (0 To 12 Months)
    • Mid Term (12 To 24 Months)
    • Long Term (24 To 36 Months)

    Organizational Profile :

    • Defined Vision & Mission
    • Defined Objectives for New Markets

    Sales :

    • Sales Infrastructure
    • Sales strategy
    • Sales Plan
    • Leveraging Existing Accounts

    Brand :

    • Brand Performance
    • Brand Imagery
    • Attributes for Brand Judgement, Brand feelings & Brand Loyalty
    • Digital Integration & Website

    Marketing :

    • Marketing Strategy- Offline, Online, & Social
    • Marketing Collaterals
    • Marketing Tools Support
    • Client Relationship Mgmt.
    • PR

    Organization Structure :

    • Defined Hierarchy
    • Defined Roles
    • Growth Path
    • Empowerment

    Infrastructure :

    • Infrastructure plan for future

    Processes :

    • Identification of key processes
    • Process Documentation
    • Process Audit
  • Phase 3 - Implement
    • At this stage, we look to evaluate the launch activity in major towns by implementing the appropriate structure and understand what is working/not working in terms of target market/lead generation/
    • We continue to provide support, and identify segments, which are responding well to the online offering, and target more specifically to them.
    • We evaluate the possibility of extending services to more markets. This is where new geographies are brought in.
    • We continually refine all aspects of our business model.
    • We seek to capture customer data, and document behavior, with a view to a CRM solution at a later stage.
    • We understand the match between geographies and preferred designs and tweak our offerings accordingly.
  • Phase 4 - Impact

    At this stage, we consolidate gains from earlier phases. We seek to :

    • Standardize processes and reduce monthly spends.
    • Put a CRM process in place to enhance repeat business from current customers.
    • Continual innovation for products and designs.
    • Excellence in backend processes
    • Put an in-house marketing team in place and equip them to operate independently.
    • Factors affecting salesperson attrition
    • Suggested directions for changes. (Final directions will be co-created).

    What Should You Be Prepared for.

    You need to be willing and preferably eager to be constructively critiqued, remoulded and reshaped in your thoughts, actions and your perspectives. You must to be very open to collaboration, whether it’s a coach, a mentor, somebody who’s very modest, or somebody who’s very expensive. If you’re not committed to the process, the intent and the outcome, it’s a blatant waste of time and energy. You need a monumental commitment to for execution, willingness to better yourself as a leader, a manager to help grow and develop, the performance and the ability of your people. You have someone who will make your company, your product, your business, more valuable and add more meaning in the minds and the hearts of your market.