Business Blueprint

Goal based Business strategy

A business plan can provide a reliable planning framework for your business from an overall strategic perspective to detailed operational matters. It can help you explain and illustrate your vision for your business and help persuade internal and external stakeholders to help you achieve that vision. These include infra set-ups, restructuring, business expansion, ERP implementation, process optimization and other organizational changes.

A typical business Plan shall be in two Parts. Long Term which is typically three years perspective and covers all the aspects of the Company. The three years goals and targets are cascaded down to the yearly and quarterly Targets. Invariably in addition to this there are low hanging fruits, that are first implemented. Our strategic tasks include creating a roadmap, execution plan, budget, and timeline.

Functional Structuring

As part of the business blueprint, the fundamental to carrying out intended strategy implementation, is the operational and functional structuring of the organization. The organogram is prepared so that the ‘short-term’ and ‘long-term’ objectives are full filled. Once this is done the existing organization structure is mapped based on the skills and competency.

The mapping throws out two outputs. The competency gap and the position gap. The plan is then drawn out to fill up the gap through talent acquisition. The organization structure has direct relationship to the goals so that a viable and responsive performance management system can be put in place (PMS).

Financial plan

The financial plans are derived from the choice of strategic options and prepared on basis of long term and the short-term objectives of topline and bottom line in coordination with horizontal and vertical growth objectives of the organization.

We capture comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s current and future financial state by using current known variables to predict EBIDTA over budgeted income, asset values and withdrawal plans. This plan allocates future income to various types of expenses, such as rent or utilities and also reserves some income for short-term and long-term savings.

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