Alignment of Execution Plan to Blueprint

Once the Business Blueprint has been drawn out, the next activity is to put the plan into practice and it is the most important task. For an already running organization, it is like changing a flat wheel of a moving car. Firstly, the business plan and its goals need to be digested and accepte by various secondary & tertiary stake holders. There shall be resistance and that has to be overcome.

Business Development & Sales

We work over the defined go-to-market strategy to meet the revenue growth or profit improvement objectives. We work hand in hand with sales team to implement market strategy and channel strategy for both B2B or B2C through online/offline. To achieve the financial goals as per blue print we work on both horizontal and vertical growth aspects. With our strong experience and through statistical analysis we continuously review and scrutinize the infrastructure, activities including behavioral economics and results at the ground level. We follow practical approach along with the management to make decisions for course corrections, technology-led interventions as needed for supporting the work force and enhancing their productivity.

Marketing Implementation

We engage with the clients to help them listen and learn customer in sighting, determine target customer groups, build relationships with customers and help customer satisfaction.

We turn marketing offline and online plans into marketing actions to accomplish strategic marketing objectives and to create customer orientation in line with quality aspects.

We work hand in hand with the marketing team to improve an organization’s efficiency from the ‘Brand’ perspective for the products or services. We help them in building, tracking & engaging with data, website, applications for opportunity assessment, lead management, campaign management & analysis in line with the marketing budget.

Human Resources

We work with the Top management to create a workforce vision for small medium businesses in order to develop agility within the workforce, promote cooperation, initiative, empowerment & innovation and encourage participation in learning skills, interpersonal competence, managerial.
competence, motivational competence, analytical competence capability building, diversity & innovation. We encourage our clients employees to be personal role models in ethical behavior and act as a promoter of their own organization.

Supply Chain

With our functional expertise, we help to overcome typical supply chain challenges and integrate solutions across the organization, supplementing our client experience focused on what really drives their supply chain performance. We work to build the capabilities, systems and processes needed to deliver bottom line results and ensure those results are sustainable. Some of the typical areas are:

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