Navigational Methodology

Step 1

Diagnose – SWOT


Hackng virality pitch bTo analyze the current business model of the client, the core assets, quality of the assets, context and personal attributes of the founders. It is a process of deep diving into the business of client to identify VMV, long term and short-term strategy, conduct analysis on relevant business areas like brand & marketing strategy, performance management systems, business development and unarticulated needs etc.urns startups are validation.

Step 2

Plan – Business Blueprint


Evaluation and choosing of ‘strategic options’ resulting in creation of ‘Long Term’ (Typically 3 Years) and ‘Short Term’ (Typically 1 Year) Business Plans.



Collaborative brainstorming on the ‘strategic options’ with qualitative and financial analysis enables selection of the viable and profitable option. The selected strategy is then transformed into the ‘Business Plan’.

Step 3

Implement – Business Implementation & Execution


To translate Business Plan into “Actions on the Ground”.


The short-term business plan (1 Year) is broken down into quarterly, monthly and weekly targets. The areas are addressed across the organization. These include creation of org. profile,

Step 4

Sustain – Mentoring & Guidance


To create a Learning Organization and to ensure that the business is run in a professional manner on a sustainable basis.


Periodic review (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) with stakeholders through MIS Dashboards and performance management. Based on the review mechanisms, area wise initiation of projects may be necessary as and when required. Risk factors are identified and mitigation strategy is put in place.

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