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Diagnostics and SWOT Analysis

Diagnostics plan depends upon the current challenges faced by the company and the type of interventions required. Simply, we endeavor to precipitate client’s visualization of dreams and their alignment to the current Business. This enables us to identify roadblocks, the root cause, and help fix the issues on permanent basis. We understand the symptoms could be different from the actual problem, that’s why we carry out an exhaustive diagnostic before attempting any solution.

We identify impact points and leverage points that are affecting the business symptoms. There is causation to everything. More than 80% of events can be within your control, but you can’t control them if you don’t understand the forces and elements that are leading to the effect.

We try to establish how everything connects. We bring to bear an integration that can be concentrated and directed at specific problems. And when we come in and look at a business, we have a very simple process of looking at what you are doing now, and how everything being done and whether it’s performing or not performing.

Industry Research and Benchmarking

On one hand, ‘As-Is’ analysis of the company gives us strengths and weaknesses and the gap that exists between the existing attributes and the desirable ones, on the other hand the industry research and bench marking give us the opportunities and threats. This helps in building the SWOT (Strength-Weakness-Opportunity-Threat). Opportunities indicate the market potential and thus opening-up variety of business and strategic options. The research is basically secondary, but if the need be, we do invest in getting the primary research done. We also try to get the market information from the employees of the company as they generally have a fair amount of idea of the market potential and the opportunities.

Alongside, we also identify competitive, economic, social, technological, regulatory, environmental and political factors that could impact the success of your business. Following our detailed research and analysis of these internal and external factors, the basic framework will be developed into a comprehensive business plan.

Strategic Options

The SWOT Analysis thus prepared is brainstormed with the company’s senior management team. Each item on the gaps is agreed upon. Generally, there are two to three sessions covering this part. This is then followed by working out strategic options. The Strategic Options are based on the organization, target segment and product positioning. These options are studied and discussed with respect to business growth, customer and financial perspective.

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